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Born in Manchester in 1961, Ann moved to Yorkshire to study Visual Arts.  After completing her degree, she lived and worked in Paris as a freelance artist, which culminated in a solo exhibition in the UK. Following a brief period of voluntary work with young disadvantaged children, she embarked upon a career in Art education, which spanned 1985—2017.  Since 2017 Ann has dedicated her time to further developing her practice as a painter and has exhibited at numerous venues across Yorkshire (for details see Exhibitions and Events page). 


Her passion for and love of architecture, and how it shapes and impacts upon the relationships and interactions people have with their surroundings, is a key theme in her work.  She explores both public and private spaces, and is equally drawn to places near and far. 


In her work she analyses the colours, patterns, textures and intrinsic geometry of her immediate surroundings, whether urban or natural. She is interested in space and how it occupied and/or empty, how people respond to or engage with their environment and what it is about a specific location that makes it unique. 


Her work combines realism; in capturing the detail and texture or decoration, with abstraction; emphasising the dominant visual element of the subject. 


She paints primarily on canvas and board with acrylics and oils, and finds that the subject dictates the shape and size, sometimes demanding an unconventional shape or 3D solution to reflect, for example, strong architectural structures.


In addition, she enjoys the challenges of studying the human form and continues to explore this discipline as a regular attendee at the life drawing and portraiture sessions held at Westgate Studios, Wakefield.

All paintings featured in the Gallery of Major Works, are available to purchase. Please contact the artist via email if you wish to discuss details.

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